Enjoy and respect nature with Sasta

Enjoy and respect nature with Sasta

One man’s need for quality outdoor gear led to the birth of a Scandinavian hunting specialist

The story of Sasta is a simple one – a young man needed a weatherproof outfit for hunting trips in the wilderness of Finland’s Northern Karelia. He made his own, others saw it, and Sasta was born.

From a young age, Urpo Saastamoinen has hunted and wandered through the wild and wonderful region of Northern Karelia that borders Russia and seen by many as one of the last truly wild areas of northern Europe. And it’s during these many trips that Sasta founder Urpo understood the importance of good clothing and equipment when it came to living, working and respecting the great outdoors and ultimately being able to protect yourself against whatever Mother Nature had to throw at you.

His first bespoke hunting suit was made from Sarka wool and made an immediate impact on his fellow hunters, who, to a man, decided they too wanted an outfit just like Urpo’s. This instant market research showed Urpo Saastamoinen that there was obvious demand for high quality, weatherproof hunting gear and functional outdoor clothing that could withstand the worst of the weather and remain durable in the most hostile of environments.

Tackling the elements

Many of the design elements of the Sarka wool garments created during these early years have remained with the Sasta collection to this day, combined with modern materials, fabrics and technologies to produce class-leading outerwear for tackling the elements and environment.

As a company, Sasta still works closely with hunters and outdoors people from all walks of life to fully understand what is needed when out in the wilderness. Products are tested and re-tested in real-life conditions by people who live, work and play in these challenging environments.

So whether you need a full outfit for your next hunting trip, or a lightweight jacket for summer treks, you can be confident in the products from Sasta that have been designed and tested in one of Northern Europe’s last truly wild regions.

Sasta still keeps to Urpo’s original philosophy that when you head into the wilderness, you go there with humility and respect the might of Mother Nature and the harsh terrain of the wilderness.

In other words, go prepared and make sure your gear is up to it!

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