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Musto Shooting Jackets, GWCT and Grey Partridge

Last Modified On: Posted in News and Shooting

Musto Loddington Jacket

On the face of it the link between Musto shooting jackets and the grey partridge is tentative at best. However look a little closer at a Musto Loddington Shooting Jacket and behind the collar you will see a ‘grey’ partridge embroidered onto the jacket material.

For every one of these Musto Loddington shooting jackets that is sold Musto donate 5% of the value to the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust ( Although this is not new it is an example of the passion that all those that are involved in shooting, and wider country sports, have for the preservation of native species.

The English Partridge has seen a concerted effort to protect its habitat and it is fantastic to hear of the progress being made on the many projects around the country, being led by the Trust. These projects are in turn driven by many individuals, one such example being the Duke of Northumberland and his dedicated team of Gamekeepers.

At Ardmoor we are greatly in favour of all initiatives however large and small and hope that more follow the example of the Musto Loddington Shooting Jacket and its contribution to the protection of the English Grey Partridge.

Last Modified On: Posted in News and Shooting

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