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Choosing the Perfect Pair of Wellingtons

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Wellies come in so many cuts, materials, colours and styles that choosing the right pair can be daunting. Determining what type of activities you plan to do while wearing them, as well as the environment they will be in, can narrow down the choices. We’ve created this guide to help you in your search.

Wellingtons for Everyday Use

If you plan on using your wellies every day and for a wide variety of activities in differing temperatures, go for a classic pair of wellingtons that are light to wear and comfortable, such as Hoggs of Fife's Dunlop Purofort Plus Wellington Boots. These wellingtons have a lightweight, tear-resistant upper with excellent thermal insulation. They have impact-resistant metatarsal protection, a shock-absorbing heel and an anatomically shaped footbed. Their moisture-absorbing insoles are removable, making them perfect for washing.

Wellingtons for Extreme Temperatures

If you plan to be out in extremely cold temperatures, be sure to wear insulated wellingtons to keep warm and comfortable and prevent hypothermia. The Grubs Snowline wellies are rated for comfort as low as -40°C and have been developed as the ultimate protection when out and about in extreme conditions with an ultra high-grip Vibram sole to handle icy terrain.

Workwear Boots

Agricultural and industrial workers are exposed to a wide variety of dangers, including harsh chemicals, temperatures and hazardous environments. Safety wellington boots provide added protection for a variety of hazardous conditions. They are designed to protect your feet from heavy objects and cold weather, and to prevent cracking and splitting. Seeland’s Allround 18" SD Steel-Toe Cap Wellington Boots as one example are made of the highest quality rubber and have added protection against 28 types of chemicals, including diesel and barn environment acids. They also have a steel toe cap for added foot protection. These are the best quality wellies on the market for agricultural and industrial workers.


For shooting wellies you’ll want to find the perfect combination of comfort, durability and, of course, style. Hoggs of Fife’s Field Pro Plus Leather Lined Wellington Bootshave a full luxury leather lining throughout, even underneath the insole, for maximum comfort. When coupled with the removable cushioned insole with luxury leather scrim, you get an extremely comfortable fit. The insole is removable to give you the option of having it in or out depending on the thickness of your socks - particularly useful if you are using your wellies for everyday wear and also for a days shooting with heavy shooting socks on.

Wellie Accessories

A few accessories for your wellies are a must for most wearers. A lot of people want wellington boots for their waterproof and durable characteristics, but always end up with cold feet. If this happens to you, try Hoggs of Fife’s Paton Bootsox. They are oversocks that will wick away any moisture, keeping your feet warm and dry.

One of the most popular accessories for wellingtons is boot bags. Wellies are often worn in mucky environments, and end up covered in dirt, mud and grime. Boot bags are perfect for storing your wellington boots in your car, cupboards or elsewhere until you have had time to clean them. We recommend Seeland’s Boot Bagbecause they have a zipped closure with carrying handle and a mesh section to allow air to circulate to help your wellies to dry out.

Last Modified On: Posted in Fishing and Guides

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