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What is Primaloft Technology?

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Recent years have seen the popularity of down clothing products soar. While down filled jackets and gilets are great for keeping you warm in very cold weather, their performance falters if the down insulation gets wet.

Primaloft® technology delivers the solution, with its insulation providing maximum heat retention, while being water repellent and fast drying.

What is Primaloft®?

Primaloft®’s microfiber thermal insulation was originally developed for the US Army, who needed an alternative to goose down which provided the same level of warmth but with added water repellency. This helps to keep you dry, warm and comfortable even in the most extreme conditions.

Benefits of Primaloft®

Lightweight warmth - Primaloft® insulation has a high warmth-to-weight ratio which provides a high level of warmth without added weight or bulk.

Water resistant – by absorbing less moisture, Primaloft® insulation keeps you dry from the start.

Breathable performance – the breathable nature of Primaloft® technology encourages moisture away from your body to help prevent you from becoming cold.

Soft, packable fabric - Primaloft® clothing benefits from insulation which is incredibly soft and easy to pack down – making it perfect for active use.






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Last Modified On: Posted in Clothing and News

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