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Recipe for Blackcurrant Jelly

Last Modified On: Posted in Ardmoor Team, News and Recipes

If you have a garden full of blackcurrants and want to preserve their glorious flavour all year round then simply follow this easy delicious recipe. Blackcurrants freeze well so if you have plenty you can make some jelly now and freeze the rest for other great recipes..

Blackcurrant Jelly Recipe


4lbs (1.8Kg) of blackcurrants
3 Pints (1.7) litres of water
1lb (450g) of Granulated sugar per pint of juice extract obtained
What you need:
Large pan
8-10 clean jars & labels
Wooden spoon

Recipe Method

  • Wash the currants and remove any leaves but it is not necessary to remove stalks.

  • Put in pan with the water and simmer gently for an hour until the fruit is really soft and pulped.

  • Strain through a jelly cloth.

  • Measure the extract and return it to the pan with a 1lb per pint of strained juice stirring until sugar dissolved

  • Bring to boil and boil rapidly until the jelly sets on cold plate

  • Remove scum

 Label and enjoy the taste of this gorgeous blackcurant jelly with fresh bread, croissants or with scones and cream for the perfect breakfast or afternoon tea all year round.


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Last Modified On: Posted in Ardmoor Team, News and Recipes

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