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Country Side Alliance and BASC

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Responsible wetland and wildfowl shooting


The Countryside Alliance and BASC have united to reinforce the message that lead free shots must be used when wildfowl shooting in England and Wales and when shooting over wetlands in Scotland and Northern Ireland. This is critical to ensure feeding waterfowl do not ingest lead shots through their gizzards.

As passionate defenders of nature and the countryside, the shooting fraternity is united as to the importance of such action - it is great to see organisations using their influence to reinforce and educate.

When you are lucky enough to receive a shooting invitation, do not forget to take some lead free cartridges (bismuth and tungsten, although more expensive, are the best options!)

Seeland Wetland Wildfowling

Product featured in image is the Seeland Wetland Range

Last Modified On: Posted in News, Shooting and Guides

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