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Deer Stalking Seasons

Article Date: Posted in Stalking and Guides

Deer stalking requires stealth and patience.  In many terrains, it also requires a great deal of physical endurance and ability.  While any stalker can benefit from the crisp air and picturesque surroundings, only those with skill and the right equipment will find the most success. 

Tips for Deer Stalking:Stalking Image

1. Imagine walking so slowly that you think you’ll never reach your destination – then go slower!  Movement is the easiest way to be spotted.

2. Always work into the wind.  Deer have a highly adapted sense of smell and they will sniff a human long before you get close enough to take a shot.

3. Get as close as you can to your quarry. Whilst there are bragging rights in how far your shot was, the risk of injuring your quarry is greatly increased the further you are from it.

4. Use a stalker/ghillie if one is available. Their knowledge of the terrain, the conditions and where deer might be on any given day will save you hours of time and loads of energy.

We recommend the Harkila Pro Hunter range or, if you are looking for a camouflage jacket, the Harkila Stealth Jacket. The silent outer material of both allows you to move “under the radar.” Each piece can be worn separately, but also fit together for the ultimate stalking outfit.

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Stalking Gaming Calendar:




Peak Season

Red Stag


July 1st – Oct 20th

Sept 1st – Oct 20th

Red Hinds


Oct 21st – Feb 15th

Oct 1st – Dec 31st

Roe Buck


April 1st – Oct 20th

June 1st – Aug 30th

Roe Doe


Oct 21st – March 31st


Article Date: Posted in Stalking and Guides

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