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Mountain Horse 'Sticky bum' breeches put to the test by Sonya

Last Modified On: Posted in Equestrian, Experts, News and Sonya Cunningham

Sonya puts the Mountain Horse Evelyn Breeches to the test when schooling and jumping her horses at home. These breeches feature a full seat silicone print which offers extra grip and security in the saddle. Here's how these breeches fared with Sonya...

I really love these breeches; they looked great and fit really well – the fabric is tight and doesn’t wrinkle without being unflattering. The silicone detail also provides a really secure seat. They’ve become my ‘go to’ jodhpurs and are a definite favourite to ride in, so much so that I’m sad every time they are in the wash. However, they do seem to be in the wash quite often due to the number of times they are being worn. Speaking of which, they wash and tumble dry brilliantly.

The only slightly negative factor is that when these are brand new or freshly washed and the silicon is clean, they can make a slight noise when in rising trot as the silicon has made traction with the saddle fairly firmly. Not loud enough for anyone around you to hear, but my newly backed four-year-old definitely noticed!

When was the product used and for what activities?

Schooling, jumping and hacking at home.

Good Points

Great fit
Comfortable, flattering material
Secure seat provided by silicone

Bad Points

Slight noise from silicon



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Find out more about Sonya, her horses and her training tips and advice via her expert profile. 


Last Modified On: Posted in Equestrian, Experts, News and Sonya Cunningham

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