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Warm Pheasant Salad with a Hint of the Orient

Last Modified On: Posted in Recipes

Put a twist on traditional roast pheasant! This meal is ideal for freeing up freezer space for the new game season. This recipe feeds two people.

     -1 x whole pheasant
     -Teriyaki sauce
     -Ginger – freshly grated or “cheat” by using ginger paste
     -2 x garlic cloves
     -1x lemon
     -Large glass of red wine
     -1x onion
     -Bottle of plum and hoisin sauce
     -Large bag of watercress
     -Pomegranate (optional)

     -Place the pheasant - breast side down (to keep it moist) - in a roasting tin with a lid.
     -Pour the glass of wine around the pheasant.
     -Pour a generous sploosh (3x tbsp approx) of teriyaki sauce over the pheasant.
     -Spread 2 x tsps of ginger over the pheasant.
     -Crush the garlic over the pheasant.
     -Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the pheasant (or breakfast orange juice, if you don’t have a lemon).
     -Quarter onion and place in roasting tin around pheasant.
     -Cover and cook for 40 minutes or appropriate length, depending on size of pheasant.
     -Divide the watercress between dinner plates.
     -Carve the pheasant onto the watercress and pour the sauce (see below) over it, so that the watercress wilts slightly.

For the sauce:
     -When the pheasant is just ready, pour the plum and hoisin sauce into a pan.
     -Add some of the strained juices from the roasting dish (approximately 50% sauce and 50% strained juices – to taste).
     -Add the pomegranate pips.
     -Heat through and season to taste.

Additional recommendations:
     -Serve with baby new or salad potatoes.
     -Add whole oriental or large field mushrooms to this recipe – grilled or fried and scattered around the plate.
     -Leave the pheasant to marinade in the ingredients for a couple of hours prior to cooking, if you have time.
     -This recipe works equally well with duck.

Last Modified On: Posted in Recipes

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