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Why Choose Grubs Wellington Boots?

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Grubs Wellington Boots

A company which takes in manufacturing success stories from several Olympic Games and has a history dating back to 1825, Grub’s performance footwear, definitely has something special to offer the customer.

From cricket shoes to running shoes, football boots to the whole range of Reebok sports footwear, there is an amazing history behind this company which enables them to deliver the success they do today.

Today, GRUBS® is known for light, waterproof, warm, comfortable boots with an amazing grip. Their boots are highly regarded for the four brand attributes being that they are WATERPROOF™, WARM™, COMFORT™ and GRIP™.
Grub’s prides itself on double testing their boots to ensure they are fully waterproof, all the way to the top.

For warmth, the leading footwear brand has designed unique technology levels to provide a boot ideal for the wearers’ needs and wearing environments.

5.0 TECHNOLOGY™ boots are lined with moisture wicking SUPER-DRI™ terry knit, which keeps the wearer dry, and includes a 5mm buoyant insulating foam and tough texturised nylon face with a durable water shedding finish on the outside.

8.5 TECHNOLOGY™ has moisture wicking polyester fleece lining combined with a HIGHLOFT™ liner, made from thousands of tiny fibers which allow air to circulate and trap heat, like down feathers.
In addition, the NITROCELL™ provides a removable 6mm footbed, adding further insulation and cushioning courtesy of its microscopic closed cell nitrogen bubble structure, giving the wearer superior thermal protection from cold surfaces.

The HEXZORB technology is a hexagonal shock-absorbing component that is directly molded into the heel of the outsole, which dissipates shockwaves travelling up through the wearers’ leg, providing all day comfort. 

Grub’s has a range of soles that are designed to give sure-footed grip on a range of surfaces so you can be sure to find the perfect boot for your needs:-

TRAXION™ gives you high durability, frictional resistance and grip, is oil-resistant and passes TM144:1999 slip resistance test. The grip zones have multiple small lugs to give you maximum grip as your heel strikes or as your foot pushes off. The traction area has a tractor tyre pattern to give great grip on a wide variety of surfaces.

TREDZ™ gives a great grip on wet, slippery surfaces, is oil-resistant and passes TM144:1999 slip resistance test. Like a road tyre, this sole unit features moulded Siping which acts like the grooves on a tyre helping to expel water and increase your contact with the ground. Has great stability and comes with Hexzorb in the heel to give great shock absorbtion. The grip zone also has Twist-Grip studs which bite into soft surfaces giving even better grip.

TRAX™ gives a great grip on pretty much any surface. Has multiple small lugs on the grip zones to give maximum purchase as the heel strikes or as the foot pushes off and that, coupled with a medial and lateral stability lug balances the foot really well as it rolls onto the ball.

VIBRAM™ has a self-cleaning open design to provide great traction and it also has a rockered profile for easy foot motion, especially on flat terrain. Multiple small lugs give great grip in the grip zones and larger lugs give added stability.

TRAK™ has a deep tractor tyre like tread which cuts into soft earth and snow for maximum grip. Small multiple bars give maximum purchase during push-off and heel strike. Has a reinforced side wall and a flared sole which balances the foot as it rolls onto the ball.

OUTLINE™ has been specifically designed for the equestrian market with no toe extension to the sole to allow easier entry to the stirrup. The 90 degree heel stops the foot sliding through the stirrup and the cupped arch supports the heel whilst you are riding. The Hexzorb in the heel reduces shock to the leg and lower back when dismounting.

Last Modified On: Posted in Buyers Guides, Footwear, Guides and News

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