10 River Fishing Tips

Everyone has a slightly different view of what comprises river fishing; is it standing on the bank of a river or standing in the centre of the action and wading into the river? For us, river fishing is about getting your fishing waders and wading boots on and wading your way into the river to truly experience the catch. For those about to embark on a river fishing trip here are some great tips for you to enjoy:

#1 – Know Your River

A simple but effective tip for both keeping safe and understanding where you can fish and what you will be able to achieve. A good river to fish is one that you can wade across in places but not in others as this allows you to identify those deeper areas where fish may more often be situated.

#2 – Consider Both Timing and Fishing Location

As with anything, timing is everything. Fishing in cold, warm or wet weather present different obstacles, opportunities and fishing patterns. For example, just because you were fishing in one spot and caught a plethora of fish one warm summer day, doesn’t mean that that same spot will produce the same results on a cooler day later in the season – test your waters and experiment to find the sweet spots.

#3 – Keep Warm

It’s the simple things that often slip through the net – keeping warm when fishing is crucial. This not only means the clothing you wear under your waders, also consider hats and gloves to ensure that your heat doesn’t escape easily. We can see many anglers ‘tuting’ at gloves, you don’t have to lose that sensitivity of the line to feel for nibbles and bites, fingerless gloves will do the trick – you will reap the benefits after spending a fair amount of time in the river.

#4 – Go Easy and Wade Carefully

If you are unsure of the riverbed in front of you, don’t do it – waders fill easily so best to be safe and stick to areas you are familiar with. It’s also highly recommended to take a wading stick in the river with you to ensure that you will not be stepping into deep water. Remember, easy does it! Fish are sensitive to vibrations so don’t go stomping and slamming your feet as you move – the fish will scatter.

#5 – Fish Deep

Many anglers see great success using floating bait by presenting the fly at the top of water and running with the current. A tip you shouldn’t overlook is the potential to fish deep. Often fish congregate in deeper river water so by fishing deep and getting your fly down to where those fish are could see the success you have been looking for on your next river fishing trip.

#6 – Submerged Objects are Your Friends

Logs, branches, trees or large rocks away from the banks present us with good potential to catch fish. Wade downstream from the object and cast upstream and allow your fly to run past the object towards you. This should give you good results as fish often gather round these objects.

#7 – Size Your Bait

What season are you in? How is the weather? Consider this when sizing your fly, as during the colder seasons you may see a decrease in the amount fish will eat due to colder waters and slowing metabolism, hence size down your fly into something more “appetising”.

#8 – Bring the Bug Spray

This is a necessity in your fishing bag – bug bites can be an irritation and we could all do without flies constantly hounding our every move. Slap some repellent on and enjoy your fishing in peace.

#9 – Pick Your Kit Wisely

Having the right fishing gear at your disposal is crucial and it’s important to understand what kind of water you will be fishing in so you know what kind of fishing line and rod to use. For a detailed overview of different kind of rods, check out our fly rod guide – if you know what you are looking for, explore our fishing kit and make sure you are prepared for your next fishing adventure.

#10 – After a days’ fishing be truthful to your other half about your day river fishing!

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