How to care for your fishing waders

If you have invested in a quality pair of fishing waders, a small amount of maintenance will keep them looking (and smelling!) as good as new for years to come.

Regardless of how often you use your waders, whether it is once a week or once a year, waders should be cleaned, dried and stored correctly in order to maintain their quality features.

Cleaning your waders

Cleaning your waders on a regular basis will help to maintain the properties of the fabric and help to avoid bad smells and prevent mould growth. Dirt, oil and grime can reduce the effectiveness of your waders; cleaning your waders periodically and removing mud deposits after each use helps to maintain the breathability of the material and restores the waterproof coating.

Top tip: Always read your manufacturer’s instructions which are specific to your waders.

Generally, hand washing with a recommended degreasing detergent will clean and restore your waders. Many fishing brands also offer speciality cleaners which are designed for their own products.

After use in saltwater, waders and felt soles should be thoroughly hosed down with freshwater. If felt soles are not cleaned the soles become hard, lose their grip and perish quickly.

Drying your waders

Once washed, allow your waders to air dry fully, both inside and out to help prevent the growth of mould.

Storing your waders

Modern designs tend to feature synthetic materials as they typically are not susceptible to cracking or perishing. However, synthetic materials can be adversely affected by direct sunlight – make sure your waders are stored away from exposure to sunlight and preferably hung up to avoid creasing.

Repairing your waders

Damaged waders can ruin a day of fishing and can also result in you becoming cold and uncomfortable very quickly. It’s a good idea to stock up on water repair material such as Stormsure’s Boot & Wader Repair Kit which can fix leaking waders in just 5 minutes.

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