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A quality fly fishing reel plays a huge part in successfully playing and landing fish – especially the powerful ones! To be able to rely on the performance of your reel, it’s important that the condition of the reel is maintained.

Fly reels can be made from a variety of materials, depending on their intended use, budget and personal preference. Whether your reel is painted, powder coated or anodised, many parts of the reel – such as the washers and springs – are still vulnerable to damage and particularly corrosion.

To prevent the deterioration of your reel’s performance, follow these simple steps…

During use

Your reel is obviously going to get wet however, where possible, prevent your reel from being immersed in water, especially if you are saltwater fishing.

Avoid knocking your reel against rocks, boat decks and other hard surfaces which can dent the reel, leaving bare metal open to corrosion

Contact with sand can cause damage to the inside of the reel, including the drag disks – so avoid dropping or placing your reel in sand.

Between Uses

Use a reel case to keep your fly reels secure and free from damage. Often you might have multiple reels or spools with different line set ups so keep these in a reel case to avoid them rattling around in your bag getting knocked and potentially damaged

After use

Immediately after you have finished using your reel, rinse under a low pressure tap. Taking care to shake out any excess water, remove the spool and leave to dry if possible.

After a fishing outing or trip, it’s important to give the reel a thorough clean, especially if the reel isn’t going to be in use for some time. Remove the fly line and backing and clean carefully to remove and grime, oil or salt. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry or dry with a soft towel.

We stock quality fly fishing reels and reel cases from top brands such as Snowbee – if you have any questions about the products on our site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. For related articles, visit the fishing section of our blog.

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