Explore the new Blaser HunTec range

Blaser launches new HunTec collection

Blaser’s world-leading R8 Rifle is considered the best hunting rifle on the globe. And it is this hunting icon that became the blueprint, inspiration and benchmark for HunTec, an outstanding range of hunting gear from Blaser.

The HunTec range takes key design elements from the R8 rifle, and Blaser has evolved an entirely new hunting concept: modular, versatile, precise and efficient.

Reliability is priority – reliable weather protection and warmth when needed, reliable camouflage and natural hues for concealment when hunting, and reliable fabrics and designs to keep you outdoors for longer.

The HunTec range is more than just a collection, it’s a way of existing in your natural surroundings without jarring the landscape. From base layers to jackets and everything in between, Blaser has worked tirelessly to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe for the modern hunter.

Layering System

The base layers are soft, comfortable, breathable and exceptionally quick drying. Blaser’s HunTec midlayers are warm, breathable and offer outstanding insulation. The insulators are just that, beautifully-warm insulation perfect for when waiting out in the open is the only option. The shell jacket provides 100% protection from wind, rain and anything else Mother Nature has to offer. Blaser’s HunTec trousers gives you maximum freedom of movement and water resistance for one of the class leaders in the hunting market.

This incredibly weather resistant layering system uses a combination of high quality, robust materials that make the most of Blaser’s own PTR-System and 3L-Shelter fabrics.

The PTR-System (Precision Thermo Regulation) is an insulation system that provides the wearer with a precise balance of heat retention and breathability during all stages of the hunt, whether yomping across moorland or lying stock still on a blustery hillside.

Blaser’s innovative PTR system uses a blend of windproof and air permeable fabrics with varying levels of insulation to ensure warmth without excess moisture build-up.

Master of disguise

This innovative range comes in either HunTec Solid colours or HunTec Camo. The solid colours have been developed with precision for use in a range of environments and designed to effortlessly blend in to any woodland or alpine setting. Three different greens – Thyme Melange, Dark Olive and Highland Green – guarantee the perfect match for whatever woodland environment, while the Camo is the closest thing to invisibility out on the moors and hillside.

The Camo has been developed by hunters for hunters and will help you melt into the environment, especially above the treeline where you will be able to stalk and hunt with absolute confidence.

Whether climbing hills and mountains or scrabbling through woodland and stubble fields, the HunTec range by Blaser is equipped with everything you need to keep your mind on your prey and not on the conditions.

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