UK Fishing Seasons

The taking of wild game is restricted during selected periods of the year for nearly every species. To make the most of your sporting year, we’ve provided a detailed calendar of game seasons. Peak periods for each species are indicated where appropriate.

Tips for Fishing:

      1. The gaming season for trout, salmon and sea trout in the UK covers most of the year. That means as a fisherman, you’ll need to be ready for all the elements. For your warmth and comfort, we offer an extensive fishing clothing range including fishing jackets , fly fishing vests and a variety of carry systems with all the fly fishing accessories you could need.
      2. Know what time of day is best for the type of fish you’re after. Generally for salmon, the best times of the day are when there is low light and on cloudy days. Sea trout can be caught during the day on most rivers, but night fishing yields better results – and is certainly more exciting!
      3. If river fishing is your thing – have the right equipment, or be ready to get wet! Waders provide protection from cold water, mud and general muck. Which type of waders is right for you?

Fishing Gaming Calendar:




Peak Season



Late March – Early Oct (with River Variations)



Mid Jan – Late Nov (with River Variations)

April 1st – June 1st



Feb 1st – Oct 31st

Sea Trout


April 3rd – Oct 31st

May 1st – July 1st

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