How To Groom A Horse For A Show

Grooming your horse is essential to help monitor your horse’s health, checking for any signs of injury or change in their general condition. By brushing your horse before saddling them to ride, you are also making sure that there is no dried sweat or mud on their coat which would cause rubbing and discomfort. Whether you own your horse or visit a riding yard for lessons, a grooming kit should contain all the essentials you need to ensure your horse is sound, with a clean coat and healthy mane and tail. If you’re riding at a horse show, both you and your horse need to look and feel the part so it’s essential to know how to groom a horse for a show.

With many classes taking turnout into consideration for which pairing to place, you want your horse to really shine and look their best. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite grooming supplies to help you best groom your horse for a show.

Washing Your Horse

We have a selection of horse shampoo including Carr & Day & Martin Colour Shampoo naturally enhances your horse’s coat in colours for Chestnut, Palomino, Grey, Black and Bay horses and ponies. If you have a particularly mucky pony, the Carr & Day & Martin Stain Removing Shampoo helps to remove manure, field and stable stains with a special purple formula which brightens and cleans a coat in no time at all.

The Carr & Day & Martin Canter Coat Shine Conditioner Spray is perfect for to help protect against new stains before your class. Simply spray this onto a wet or dry coat, then wipe away with a brush to keep them clean and glossy.

Grooming Your Horse

Grooming Kit

If you’re needing to start a grooming kit, a grooming set will include a range of brushes and tools for grooming your horse or pony. This Bentley Originals Grooming Set contains a mane and tale brush, dandy brush, sweat scraper, hoof oil brush, body brush, curry comb, cactus mitt and flick brush to ensure your horse will be perfectly clean and polished for any competition. The stylish and handy carry bag means you can carry this easily with you on show day for any last minute touches before entering the show ring.

Grooming Kit - Grooming Set

Especially useful is you horse is shedding their winter coat, a curry comb is usually made from plastic so that it can be easily washed and can clean away mud easily. Loosening hair from a woolly coat can become itchy for your horse but if you’re out and about you may also want them to look sleek rather than hairy! This Stablekit Dual Grooming Glove has a curry comb on one side and a brush on the other to help make brushing quick and easy.

Grooming Kit - Grooming Glove

Hoof Pick

This is an absolute grooming kit essential, using a hoof pick means clearing out your horse’s feet and you can check that their frog is healthy. Be sure to remove any small stones or pieces of grit which can become lodged in their hooves and become painful.

Grooming Kit - Hoof Picks

Hoof Oil

Using likes of Gold Label Hoof Oil Express give the hooves an attractive sheen and contains nourishing vitamins to help strengthen the hoof wall. This hoof oil even comes in a handy spray can, making it ideal for a quick spruce up before entering the show ring. Especially useful for your grooming kit if you’re going for a riding lesson or attending a riding competition and want your horse to look their best.

Grooming Kit - Hoof Oil


If you’re going to a riding competition, unless your horse or pony is a mountain and moorland breed or has a hogged mane, most people plait their horse for a very smart turnout. Our Stablekit Plaiting Aid helps you to easily brush and segment your horse’s mane into easy to plait sections and the Stablekit Silicone Plaiting Bands are strong and flexible silicone making them easy to use and secure for wearing all day at a competition.

Grooming Kit - Plaiting BandsGrooming Kit - Plaiting Aid

Your horse will be clean and smart for any riding competition for dressage, show-jumping, eventing, showing and more with our range of grooming supplies. Ultimately show day is all about having fun and the preparation for a competition is necessary and enjoyable time spent with your horse or pony. Should you need any competition riding clothing, horse rugs or tack for a special event, be sure to browse the complete collection in our Equestrian section and good luck.

If you have any questions or like any mode advice at all, please contact our team on 01620 671480 or

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