Stay safe with new Harry Hall Hi Viz range

The new Equestrian Hi Viz Safety products are now available at Ardmoor. In terms of safety, it is important to be visible on the roads all year round, especially during winter months when it is usually darker and there is reduced visibility.

There has been a huge amount of attention and press coverage this year alone surrounding accidents involving horse riders and motorists. In particular Think! launched a campaign for both drivers and riders to help prevent accidents and increase road safety awareness.

Equestrian Hi Viz safety products from Harry Hall

The equestrian Hi Viz collection from Harry Hall provides riders with added safety as their riding clothing and equestrian accessories are bright and florescent allowing motorists to have a clear view of both horse and rider when travelling on the roads day or night.

Products include:

Harry Hall Hi Viz Women’s Breeches

  • Exposed reflective piping down the side, on the front and back to keep you visible from all angles.
  • Reflective panels down the leg for added impact.
  • Stretch fabric for added comfort while riding

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Harry Hall Hi Viz saddle cloth

  • Bright, florescent colour for high visibility when riding out on roads to help keep you safe and seen.
  • Has wicking properties to ensure that the horse stays cool and comfortable when being ridden. This helps wick away sweat and moisture.
  • Integrated white LED lights on the right hand side and three different light sequences for added safety.

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Harry Hall Hi Viz Hat Band

  • Hat band that fits over your riding hat for high visibility from all directions.
  • The rear light has three different settings to ensure high visibility even in dull weather conditions.

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Harry Hall Hi Viz Adjustable Tabard

  • A fluorescent tabard is an essential for road use.
  • Flashing LED lights on the front and back are added safety features for optimum visibilty.
  • Three different flashing sequences which can be tailored to weather conditions

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Equestrian road safety tips

– Wear bright/florescent clothing ALWAYS
– Avoid riding in darkness or poor visibility
– Ride with a partner if you are not confident with roads or on an inexperienced horse – any young experienced riders should be accompanied.

Both riders and motorists are responsible for each other’s safety. Horses can be easily spooked so it is important that motorists drive slowly when passing riders on the roads and make sure they leave plenty of space between their car and the horse.

Additional safety training for riding on roads

The British Horse Society provides training on road safety for horse riders and also operates a Riding & Road Safety Test, which over 4,000 riders take each year.
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recommends that all riders should undertake road safety training before riding on the road and also take a BHS test to ensure that you are capable of riding on the roads.

To visit our full range of safety products for horse and rider, please browse our equestrian safety section.

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