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Who are Horse Time?

Horse Time was founded by Sue Brewis who had become totally frustrated by the continual failure of traditional treatments when it came to helping those struggling with mental health issues. Our Managing Director came across Sue through friends of friends and was immediately intrigued by equine traumatology and how it might help make a difference for those with mental health issues and, equally importantly, those caring for them. Sue’s approach to therapy through the use of horses rang lots of bells and they subsequently met up to see how ArdMoor might be able to help raise awareness of Horse Time and it’s great work with people suffering from mental health issues.

Sue has a background in teaching, is an equine facilitated psychological trauma therapist and is passionate about changing the way that help is provided for those suffering from mental health issues. From Post Traumatic Stress to Aspergers syndrome and from Anorexia to Anxiety, Sue, her team and her horses can and do make a difference where the ‘traditional’ treatment route often fails.

Humans have always had a close relationship with horses whether that be in a war situation as portrayed in War Horse, or simply when hacking out. The connection we have with them and the relationship that develops is pretty unique when it comes to the bond between human and beast and Sue uses her horse’s reactions to her patients – and vice versa – as a key part of the treatment process. Those who need help but have never ridden before need not worry as no riding is involved!

Horse Time run three main programmes:

  1. Horses for Forces which is primarily designed to help veterans and first responders. This programme has demonstrated significant reductions in the symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety helping those affected to better deal with day-to-day life.
  2. Horse Chat which is aimed at young people and to helping them deal with all the modern-day stresses that can otherwise overwhelm them, allowing them to maximise their potential.
  3. Horse Time Bespoke for those people who need a programme designed to their specific needs.

Sue and her team’s work is truly inspirational and the life stories of those that have been and are being helped are often breath-taking. As just one example of how Horse Time have helped, please view Vince’s video below and prepare to be wowed.

Support Horse Time

Needless to say, Horse Time is a charity and the more successful they are in helping people, the more funds they require to help the next person in need. If you are inspired to help in any way at all then do please visit Horse Time’s TotalGiving page.

Donate Now

ArdMoor are delighted to be supporting Horse Time with the equipment they and their patients need in the often-inclement weather of the Scottish Borders. Horses and treatment don’t wait for summer and the warmer months so treatment happens all year round. For Sue and her team to be able to give of their best and for that best to be well received by the patients, it is important for all of them to be clothed appropriately.

Contact Horse Time

Address: Horse Time SCIO, The Steading, Little Swinton, Coldstream TD12 4HH
Phone: 01890 860280

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