Musto x Land Rover go Above and Beyond with new outdoor range

Go Above and Beyond with Musto and Land Rover Defender

Two iconic British brands have joined forces to create the ultimate clothing for adventurers.

Musto’s latest range – the Above and Beyond Collection – is designed to enable the wearer to go anywhere and tackle anything. This range, inspired by the recently-launched new Land Rover Defender, is made for, as Musto puts it, trailblazers who live to test limits and push boundaries while looking good at the same time.

This exciting new range, which takes elements from the best of these two British design icons, combines a powerful aesthetic with outstanding cutting-edge technology, perfect for anyone on the go, ready to travel at a moment’s notice.

Musto’s collaboration with Land Rover Defender has produced outstanding kit for any environment

Durable versatility

Both Musto and the Defender are known for their durability and versatility, capable of excelling in challenging environments, and which all comes together in this exceptional outdoor clothing range.

Utilising Musto’s vast knowledge of state-of-the-art fabric technology, this inspiring Above and Beyond collaboration makes good use of some of the world’s best-known materials.

At the core of these technical garments is Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft and the specialist performance collection includes a few stand-out pieces – the Rodinia Hybrid Jacket, Tephra Gore-Tex Shell Parka and the Welded Thermo Jacket. Designed to keep you comfortable in some of the harshest environments, these cutting-edge jackets use Gore-Tex, PrimaLoft Black Eco and Aerogel to give you a performance advantage when you need it most.

Innovative design

Throughout the collection, Musto has looked to the best partners for innovation and cutting edge design. The Rodinia hybrid Jacket is able to transform into a vest within seconds via YKK Quickburst Zip Tehnology. This cool, unfussy jacket also makes use of PrimaLoft Black Eco insulation, developed by the US Military for sustainable, lightweight warmth and flexibility. In addition, the jacket features NASA-developed PrimaLoft Aerogel-lined pockets to help protect your mobile phone and prolong its battery life.

Other exceptional products in the range include the Welded Thermo Jacket with RECCO integrated reflective antenna to help rescue teams, Multi Tech Gloves, a lightweight folding spade, the Mirovia seam-sealed go-anywhere backpack and a hardware activity belt tested in real-world conditions by Land Rover Experience.

Royal seal of approval

You’ll find Land Rover Defender-specific design elements throughout the range which has delighted one of Musto’s best known ambassadors. Zara Tindall, a long-time partner with Musto and Land Rover, said: “Musto and Land Rover have been long-term partners of mine throughout my sporting career. I’m really pleased to see these two iconic British brands collaborating together on this new range of highly technical clothing designed for people who enjoy adventure.

“I’ve grown up wearing Musto, and know their fabrics always perform and have always kept me protected from the elements.”

Click here to see the Musto x Land Rover Defender Above and Beyond range in action

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