Plum and Apple Crumble with Ginger

With August comes masses of fruit to be found in the garden, hedgerows and orchards. Redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries, plums, starter apples and blackberries – all of the fruits will freeze well if you haven’t the time to make use of them fresh and they all give you the perfect basis for the classic crumble which never loses its popularity.

Ideal for shoot lunches, dinner parties or just for great Sunday lunch puddings and you can vary the fruit as the seasons change.

N.B. If using frozen fruit measure the amount that you need and then place dish in room temperature to defrost until just thawed out but omit water from the recipe as fruits retain a lot of water when freezing.

This homemade recipe is a tried and tested one that is a sure crowd pleaser well into autumn and beyond.

Ingredients for the Base:– I kilo of destoned plums, two large cooking apples, 1 x tablespoon of caster sugar, ½ inch of ginger

Ingredients for the Top:- 8oz Flour, 4oz Butter, 2oz Caster Sugar and a large handful of oats

Base –De-stone the plums and sprinkle with caster sugar and nutmeg, add a tablespoon of water and cook gently in the oven for 15 mins. Peel and slice apples and lie on the top of plums, Peel ½ inch of ginger and slice thinly and mix through the fruit. Add a further tablespoon of water.

Top – Mix oats with flour, butter and caster sugar. Mix well with your fingers rubbing the butter with the flour to form light crumbs and then sprinkle crumble over the top of your base

Bake in a 180/200 degs oven for around 40 mins but keep an eye on it. Serve with Crème Fraiche, custard or cream

PS. If you don’t have time to cook all the apples you might have in your garden, take them to your nearest apple press owner or business where they will usually give you apple juice/cider in return for kilo weight.

For further quick and easy ideas please go to the recipes page of our blog.

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