Recipe for Redcurrant Jelly

I adore these beautiful tangy redcurrants and they are so versatile and can be used for so many delicious recipes at this time of year.

One of my favourite recipes is redcurrant jelly which is traditionally served with venison, lamb and is a great store cupboard must have for adding a burst of flavour and colour to almost every roast dinner. They freeze well and suit both savoury and sweet meals.

1500g Redcurrants Large jelly pan
500ml Water Sieve or Muslin cloth
Granulated sugar Jam jars with lids
1/2 lemon

Wash the fruit but remove the stalks. Put into a pan and simmer gently until the redcurrants are really soft and pulped. Strain through a jelly cloth/muslin.

Measure the extract and return to the cleaned pan. Place 500g sugar for every 500ml of extract into pan and boil rapidly until a jelly is obtained.

Test on a cold plate and if it wrinkles its ready, then pour into warmed jars and cover.

Redcurrant jelly is easy to make and tastes so much better than the commercial jelly. It’s great to keep in the store cupboard and makes a great gift for friends and family all year round.

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