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ArdMoor are proud to be stocking this fine range of equine supplements, the amalgamation of constant and thorough research by industry scientists, veterinary practitioners, registered nutritionists and experts in equine exercise, physiology and nutrition.

With a wide range of balancers, Science Supplements have produced formulas to suit all manner of gut issues and hoof problems, from behavioural and physical needs of your horse to their general well-being according to their age.

Each product is carefully formulated and rigorously tested to ensure substantial evidence of the product claims. Fully certified UFAS and NOPS manufacturers, Science Supplements promote Clean Sport, a certification that accredits the supplements with full analysis and ensures that each finished product goes through a schedule of laboratory testing for prohibited substances. This is all about the highest quality materials being used, safe and good for your horse across the board.

Behavioural supplements for your horse can be hugely beneficial whether competing or simply winding down after a busy period. ProKalm is an innovative product in terms of managing your horse’s anxiety, stress and challenging actions. Physically, choose from a range of superb supplements for the veteran who needs a little more support, to the high end competitor who requires muscle build, respiratory aid and energy sources.

For glowing coat and healthy skin, treat your horse to the linseed oil supplement collection or the dedicated Healthy Skin and Coat Supplement that combats flaking or skin infections and allows the skin to build a barrier against environmental factors such as constant washing, sunlight, insects and bacteria.

Improve your horse’s gut health with a choice of Vitamin E supplements, Gut balancers and Electrolytes all of which are designed to aid the gut, boost their immune system and help to control stomach acidity.

Whatever your horse’s requirement and their age, Science Supplements have carefully put together a superior range of scientifically tested equine feeds to promote the very best health of your horse whether a veteran or a young competing horse. With transparent ingredients that have clinical examples used successfully by horse owners under the direction of vets and medical treatments, choose from this wide range of products available at ArdMoor.

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