Sealskinz FAQs


1. Are Sealskinz products made from seal’s skin?
No they are not. This brand name was developed many years back in order to demonstrate the very best protection properties of the seal – namely that they are 100% waterproof. That is the only connection, the only other animal derived product used is the excellent Merino wool and leather.

2. How can Sealskinz products be both waterproof AND breathable?
A clever Hydrophilic membrane is used that is both waterproof and breathable. This technical thin layer is solid and flexible and will not allow water drops to pass through and is therefore 100% waterproof. The ‘membrane’ simulates breathing by allowing water molecules to pass through, driven through due to the higher temperature that builds up in the glove, sock or hat compared with the outside temp. This process is also known in biological terms as osmosis.

3. How waterproof are the Sealskinz products?
The patented 3-layer hydrophilic membrane produced by Sealskinz is rigorously tested by way of a hydrostatic head that is tested to withstand a column of water at least 20,000mm high to ensure that water does not penetrate the fabrics. In layman’s terms, if you put the membrane at the bottom of a tube 20m high and filled the tube with water, the membrane would stop the water wouldn’t leak.

4. How breathable are the Sealskinz products?
Measured by W.V.P index, Water Vapour Permeability, all patented socks and gloves are measured at a minimum of 65% for extremely high breathability.

5. How long will Sealskinz Socks last?
As with many items of quality outdoor clothing, if you can keep to the care instructions as specified, the socks will last several years depending on the wear and length of time worn. The nylon or polypropylene outer fabric is much harder wearing than a typical walking sock and will provide the very best, long lasting performance for you.

6. Are Sealskinz products guaranteed waterproof?
All the products marketed as 100% waterproof are guaranteed by Sealskinz to be waterproof for life. With every single item rigorously tested, Sealskinz welcome the return of the product to be put back through their testing procedures and if a defect is found, they will replace the item.

7. Do Sealskinz products need any special waterproofing treatment?
No they do not. As the membrane is a permanent waterproof barrier, there is no need to re-treat or re-proof the fabric in order to maintain or restore the waterproofness.

8. Are Sealskinz waterproof products also windproof?
Yes they are. The membrane is also windproof as well as waterproof. As well as a barrier to wind, the membrane also provides an essential barrier to dust and sand in dry regions so the socks are often used by the military when deployed in a hot, dry area.

9. How do I wash and dry Sealskinz products?
Sealskinz recommend turning your socks inside out when drying them as the wool lining takes longer to dry than the nylon outer. Otherwise, always refer to the care instructions on the individual products. Also, do not place socks on a radiator or other heat source as exposure to excessive heat might damage the internal membrane.

10. Can the Sealskinz membrane be damaged?
In order to prolong the life of the products and membrane within, wear your socks with appropriate footwear and avoid standing on rough ground with stones and sharp rocks that might puncture the membrane. With regard to gloves, avoid thorns and other sharp objects that might pierce the membrane.

11. Do Sealskinz socks or gloves ever let the water in?
In very heavy rain and wet conditions, water might run into the top of your sock or glove wrist opening. To avoid this, tuck trousers and leggings into socks or wear them over the socks. With gloves, tuck the cuff under the wrist of the jacket which will prevent water ingress.

12. Can I wear Sealskinz socks inside wetsuit boots?
The combination of wearing the waterproof membrane socks with the neoprene wetsuit will not work as the foot will be insulated from the warm water layer between the skin and neoprene required for the correct function of the wetsuit.

13. Will my feet feel sweaty in Sealskinz socks?
They should not due to the high breathability capacity of the inner membrane. The inner lining wicks away moisture caused by perspiration and sweat from the skin which is then passed through the membrane to keep feet incredibly dry and clammy free.

14. What is the fit of Sealskinz socks like?
Due to the close-fitting style of the socks they will sit and fit very comfortably on your feet, just like a normal sock should feel. The 3-layer construction will also help guard against rubbing and friction that can otherwise cause blistering.

15. Will Sealskinz products, hats, gloves and socks keep me warm?
Yes they will. Because the 3-layer system used in the socks is much warmer than that of a traditional sock and the inner membrane is both waterproof and windproof to further keep you warm. The main factor is that, if you stay dry, you will feel considerably warmer.

16. How do Sealskinz socks reduce blisters?
The socks keep your feet totally dry thus reducing the chance of blistering as blisters are formed due to excessive friction on the skin and wet skin, being softer than dry skin, will blister more easily. The patented 3-layer system eliminates any movement between the shoe and skin, thus further reducing the chance of blisters.

17. Do I need to wear liner socks or gloves?
All Sealskinz waterproof products are designed to be worn next to the skin with no liners. If you should seek further layers of warmth, the liner socks and gloves available are excellent. Made from fine Merino wool, they are lightweight, extremely warm and have great wicking properties. They can also be worn by themselves.

18. What is the lowest temperature that I can wear Sealskinz gloves at?
Depending on your ‘feeling the cold’ threshold, different weather conditions and on your chosen activity, it is hard to specify an exact temperature. All the Sealskinz cold weather gloves have a thermal rating attached to guide you to their relative warmth, the higher the rating out of 5, the colder the temperature the product can be used in.

19. How do I work out my glove size?
Measure your dominant hand with a tape measure around the knuckles in inches – this will give you in inches your glove size (eg 9” = Medium). Please remember that if the gloves are too tight on the hands they can make you feel cold so, if in doubt, buy one size larger.

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