Seeland's AW18 range - which jacket is right for you?

With their reputation founded on creating feature-rich jackets which blend high-performance with incredible value, Seeland’s AW18 range includes three new lines: the Woodcock II, Kraft Force and Helt.

All three share crucial elements – they’re warm, waterproof & windproof, and all offer accompanying legwear options – but each has its own specialities & features to suit differing roles. Here’s our guide on which is best for you.

Woodcock II Jacket – Shooting/Multi-Purpose

Building on the success of the beloved Woodcock, the Woodcock II adds their latest 2-layer Seetex® membrane, a higher collar for added protection and, crucially, a detachable hood which was missing from its predecessor.

Woodcock II Jacket - Seeland's AW18 range - ArdMoor

Designed first-and-foremost for those shooting on the peg, the Woodcock II offers large quick-load pockets with drainage holes, making for convenient cartridge storage. Add to this a large lined game pocket on the rear, hard-warmer pockets, and an adjustable waist for a classic streamlined finish that preserves the freedom-of-movement which so important for those gunning, and you have an incredible shooting suit at a great price.

These features also make the Woodcock II fantastic all-rounder, with versions available for men, women and kids (sizes 4-16 years), each with accompanying trousers (and men’s breeks) available for a complete suit.

Recommended for:

  • Shooting (driven/walked up, or roughshooting on easy terrain)
  • Multi-purpose outdoor jacket

Buy Now – £159.95

Kraft Force Jacket – Rugged & Ready

A brand new line, the Kraft Force is arguably the most specialised of the three jackets. It is, in short, tough as nails.

Kraft Force Jacket - Seeland's AW18 range - ArdMoor

Constructed to stand up to the daily rigours of keepers & beaters, the Kraft Force jacket (and accompanying trousers) boasts Ripstop material with heavy-duty reinforcement across the hard-wear zones to protect you from heather & gorse brush – these are the dark patches seen above.

Extra large pockets provide convenience when in the field, the large rear game pocket is lined with Oxford nylon for easy cleaning, and wrist guards offer additional protection when working in tough conditions.

Recommended for:

  • Keepers, beaters, or pickers-up
  • Roughshooting in tough terrain
  • Anyone needing extra protection in dense vegetation

Buy Now – £159.95

Helt Jacket – Stalking/Active

Another new introduction for AW2018, the Helt is designed to be agile in cold conditions, keeping you warm but without becoming stuffy after doses of high activity.

Helt Jacket - Seeland's AW18 range - ArdMoor

Built to move, the Helt is primarily a stalking jacket, using a Seetex dropliner to keep the wind and water out while preserving breathability, high-wicking pongee lining to quickly remove perspiration, and a higher cut to maximise flexibility (balanced by a higher back on the Helt trousers to avoid draughts).

With plenty of pockets (including a radio pocket, lined rear game pocket and a nifty wrist pocket), the Helt provides plenty of convenience, while Storm cuffs with thumb holes help keep your hands warm during those tense periods of inactivity. While not as heavy-duty as the Kraft, there’s plenty of reinforcement across hard-wear zones and wrist guards for added protection whilst in the field.

These features also make the Helt a versatile jacket for any active cold weather pursuits in, such as quad biking or hiking.

Recommended for:

  • Stalking & hunting
  • Active-use jacket in cold/wet weather

Buy Now – £204.95

If you have any further questions about Seeland’s AW18 range, or anything else at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at or 01620 671 480 and we’ll be happy to help.

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