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As a keen ethical hunter, Luise Janniche, founder of Tuffies Dogbeds, spends many a long hour on damp, windy hillsides enduring whatever weather is thrown at her. Luise recently tried out Shooterking’s Country Oak Jacket alongside her tried and trusted Shooterking Country Blaze Trousers and found it to be a great choice for the wet and windy Highlands terrain.

Don’t let bad gear ruin a great day…

Having spent probably the wettest day of my life on the west coast of Scotland looking for a stag earlier this year, I had to reconsider my stalking outfit. After six hours my feet were wet, my head, hands and my whole body were soaked to the skin. However, I had bought a new pair of Shooterking stalking breeks shortly before and my legs were dry as a bone despite all the crawling!

I got the stag and it was all well although the pony was somewhat reluctant to get back over the stream with the strong current

Last week I had three days hind stalking. The forecast looked pretty grim and I got on the phone to ArdMoor. By some miracle they managed to get me the Shooterking Country Oak Jacket to me in time for me to take it with me.

After three days of rain I have to say the jacket lived up to expectations. I was cosy and dry. The rain just sits on top of the fabric and doesn’t seep in. The jacket comes with lots of fabulous pockets for storage and features a very good hood.

Hoods are so important on truly wet and cold days. There was plenty of crawling on soggy ground, but I was dry and comfortable.

The Shooterking Country Oak Jacket has exceptional water repellency

Blending in to the surroundings

I would say that the orange on my Shooterking Country Blaze Trousers are a bit too bright, although deer do not see orange. It’s unnecessary for stalking in the highlands but would work well in forests and wooded areas.

However, on my hind stalking days we had a gillie with us, who spied for us and drove the Argo. He was 74 and has been stalking all his days. At one point he commented that the camouflage of the jacket was second to none. He was amazed at how it blended in with the hills when he watched us walk.

I’m really pleased with how this outfit worked – great days out should not be ruined by bad gear!

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About Luise

Passionate about ecology and the great Scottish outdoors, Luise is our ethical hunting expert and the founder & MD of Tuffies – a unique dog bed making business based in Aberdeenshire.

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