Choosing the sole on your wading boots

A quality pair of wading boots are an essential for anglers who want to be able to fish in all conditions, including slimy, rocky surfaces or in snow and ice during the winter.

With rubber and felt soles to choose from and the choice between a cleated or non-cleated sole…shopping for wading boots can quickly become quite tricky!

Wading boots with felt soles

Felt soles are a great option for wading on rocky bottomed rivers due to their superior grip. The layer of felt on the sole works by moulding to the shape of the rocks surface, helping to keep you secure. Felt is also a great option for fishing on dry rocks on the river bank but care needs to be taken on grass and mud when walking to the river bank

Felt-soled wading boots should also be avoided for winter fishing as snow will stick to the felt bottoms, making your boots very slippery.

Wading boots with rubber soles

Rubber soled wading boots are a great all round boot for those who want to be able to use their boot in a number of conditions. Many quality boots now offer Vibram soles for added comfort and support. Rubber soles are also great for gripping icy grounds, making them a great choice for winter fishing.

Wading boots with studs

Sure footing is a must for anglers and studded wading boots provide secure footing and serious traction. Studded wading boots are ideal for wading in deep/fast rivers as well as slippery/icy conditions. Many studded wading boots offer the option of being pre-installed with the studs in if you know you are going to wear them all the time while you fish, or they can be removable to cater to all-year round fishing in a variety of conditions.

However, studded wading boots can make quiet wading more difficult due to the metal studs grinding on the rocks.

At ArdMoor, we would also always recommend that you use a wading staff or wading stick while you wade, for added safety and security.

Remember, poor quality fishing boots can ruin what could be an excellent day of fishing. River beds are often rocky and unstable, and a pair of quality wading boots will provide your feet and ankles with the support needed for these conditions.

If you aren’t sure which kind of boots best suit the rivers and conditions you will be fishing in, please don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.

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