Why should I wear a wading belt?

Wading belts serve two purposes – safety and comfort.

In terms of safety, falling in while wading is never an attractive prospect, especially in fast-flowing rivers. If you fall in the water while fishing or if you go deeper than you intended to and end up with flooded waders, clambering ashore is suddenly very difficult and tiring – not to mention being dangerous.

Wading belts significantly limit the amount of water that seeps into your waders, of course you’ll still get wet, but you will be in a far safer situation and will be able to clamber ashore far more easily. By wearing a wading belt (particularly if you use waders made of PVC or Goretex) the air inside your waders becomes trapped. So, in the event that you fall into the water, this air helps to keep you afloat by providing buoyancy.

Top Tip: If you do fall in, concentrate on keeping your feet facing downstream and make your way to the shore by moving across the flow – never attempt to cross by going against the flow of the river.

Lumbar support during a long day’s fishing

A day of wading can be tough on your back. Typically, wading belts are made from tough, high density material such as neoprene to offer a firm fit. This added lumbar support helps to alleviate discomfort so that you can get on with enjoying your day of fishing.

Update your fishing kit

If you want to add a quality wading belt to your fishing kit, then please browse our selection. Alternatively, have a look at our range of fishing waders, some of which have a wading belt included in their design.

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