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Chest Waders - Snowbee Prestige

Fishing Chest Waders

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Displaying: 1 to 11 of 11 products


Stockingfoot and bootfoot chest waders


If you like to be immersed in your surroundings when fishing, there is nothing better than wading through the river as you fish. Chest waders provide complete protection up to your mid chest which is ideal for keeping you warm and dry as you wade.

Chest waders will usually come with secure shoulder straps for a comfortable fit that doesn’t hinder your movement and, more times than not, your chest waders will feature a front pocket which is ideal for fly or bait anglers who want to make quick changes to their approach while still in the water.

Wading belts

As always, you should consider safety first when wading. We recommend using a wading stick at all times to help you navigate through the water. This will help you to identify if there are any dips or objects that you might trip in the path in front of you. Another recommendation is a wading belt, this is the perfect accompaniment to your chest waders as this will help restrict the flow of water into your waders should you slip in the water. If you suffer from a sore back when fishing, perhaps consider a wading belt with a lumbar support.

Need further advice?

Fishing advice, articles and guides can be found on ArdMoor's blog, which is created by our in-house experts. Should you need any help identifying which waders are most suitable for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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