Fly Protection

Fly protection for horses and ponies when exercising as well as in the stable and field.  With brands such as Mark Todd and Harry Hall, you can be assured of a choice of insect repelling products. 

At ArdMoor we offer a choice of rugs, masks and veils to keep your horse or pony comfortable in all seasons, but especially the summer.  Fly masks with a fine mesh make an excellent choice to protect your horse’s eyes and ears from irritation with insects, whilst still leaving them free to go about their day. Fly veils are more suited to riding, covering the ears and poll to allow the horse to concentrate, without being driven to distraction by flies. A fly rug is ideal to offer relief from insects whilst still allowing freedom of movement. If your horse or pony has sensitive skin which reacts badly to bites and stings, a fly rug makes an excellent layer of protection. We also stock NAF OFF Deet Power to repell insects in the field, stable and riding. The deet spray is also part of our grooming kit collection, offering a vast array of grooming and horsecare products to keep your horse happy, healthy, and looking their best.

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