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William and Robert Gore’s created the Gore-Tex membrane in the 1970’s and in doing so revolutionised outdoor clothing for millions of outdoor people.

With Gore-Tex, a membrane that prevents water from entering but allows water vapour to escape, a heavy rain jacket with no breathable properties is no longer necessary. Instead, highly specialised clothing with perfect fit, comfort and functionality can be designed. Depending on whether you go hunting, hiking, skiing or any other outdoor activity, the membrane can be combined with the most suitable material for that activity. Thus silent material for the hunter, light material for hikers and durable material for the skier.

Combination properties are endless and development continues and that effort has made W.L.Gore a sovereign market leader for breathable and waterproof membranes. One of the secrets of their success is an uncompromising demand on quality. It is that certain demand that has led to the construction of some of the most sophisticated testing laboratories one can imagine to make sure the resulting fabric is tested for waterproofness, comfort and abrasion.


Nowadays many people consider American Polartec to be the market leader when it comes to technical fleeces. Whether it is being used as an insulating inner-layer, mid-layer or protective outer layer, Polartec has developed materials that wick moisture away from the skin keeping your body warm and comfortable.

Fleece is produced in many places but Polartec have refined this process to an almost magical level. They have developed both natural and artificial fibres with very specific abilities and weave these fibres with some of the most advanced weaving techniques with the combination of highly specialised material and how it was woven leading to very technical fleece materials. Windproof and impervious to perspiration odour, water repellent and made to keep the skin dry and your body warm in even the most harsh weather.

From the US Special Forces to skiers, mountaineers, hikers and hunters, Polartec is in great demand by those who know what the need from their clothing.


This membrane, developed by Seeland as their own proprietary waterproof membrane, provides 10,000/10,000 waterproof breathability.

These figures mean that the SEETEX® membrane can withstand the pressure of a 10,000mm water column pressing down on it to keep rain out even in harsh conditions, and will also allow 10,000g of water vapour to escape for each square meter over 24 hours to make sure your perspiration can escape even during high activity.

All of this means you can stay warm, dry & comfortable.


Deerhunter’s own waterproof & breathable membrane, DEER-TEX, keeps water out while allowing your perspiration to escape.

With a range of different types to suit different uses, such as the super-durable Deer-Dura, the Deer-X-Dura which adds extra stretch-ability to allow for total freedom of movement and DEER-TEX® Temp which uses a clever three-layer structure to capture and retain body heat for comfort in extreme conditions.

PacLite from Gore-Tex®

PacLite from Gore-Tex® is your new best hunting companion.

PacLite has been created with help from the most advanced technology which has resulted in the lightest and most breathable outdoor and hunting clothing in existence.

That means PacLite is ideal for the active outdoorsman who demands high breathability from his clothing. For the active hunter who alternates from moving around to sitting still, it is essential that you are able to adjust the warmth in your clothing and herin lies the brilliance of PacLite.

In a few seconds you can transform the PacLite from taking up minimal space in your rucksack to being the best protection against wind, cold and rain available on the market.

The fit is perfect and the clothing is 100% wind and waterproof. A PacLite jacket weighs less than 500 grams and can be folded to almost nothing without compromising the technical features in any way.

Gore Windstopper®

The goal the engineers at W.L.Gore were set was to create a highly breathable and windproof membrane for all kinds of outdoor activities where you are active but need protection from the wind. Wind can be as large an obstacle as rain when it comes to comfort as both reduce your body temperature.

The result was Windstopper® – the membrane that is 100% windproof and for that reason alone is 2.5 times warmer than other materials which are not windproof. They were also able to make Windstopper® one of the most breathable membranes in the world because every square meter of membrane has 4.2 billion micro-pores which allows water vapour to escape largely unimpeded even if you are working close to your maximum limit generating masses of perspiration.

Windstopper® is perfect for any activity which combines very active periods with breaks. With its high breathability and wind stopping effect Windstopper® offers you the ability to protect your body’s efficient but sensitive microclimate in which your body regulates it’s temperature. The Windstopper® membrane simply makes this efficient process possible whatever the wind is doing.

Gore-Tex® Footwear

We are proud to present insulated waterproof boots which, thanks to Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort Membrane, set new standards in winter footwear. Your Harkila Gore-Tex® footwear will feature the optimal Gore-Tex® membrane depending on the function the boot is developed for:-

GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort:- Spring/Summer season and high activity in milder climates.
GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort:- All year use – ideal for hunting / hiking boots.
GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort:- Most Mountain use and Extreme Winter use.

Harkila’s Gore-Tex® footwear is manufactured to the most up to date and highest standard. They are all certified by W.L.Gore and SATRA. Every single Gore-Tex® membrane is tested 3 times during production before it is ready for you. If a boot does not pass the testing it is destroyed.