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Gore-tex shooting jackets ideal for those who want a smart jacket, but also want to be warm, dry and comfortable on their day’s shooting. Find a breathable and waterproof shooting jacket in our popular styles range, perfect for a day’s shooting. Our range includes jackets from quality brands such as Laksen,  Harkila, Seeland and Musto so you can be assured you’ll find something to suit your needs. 

All of our Gore-Tex shooting jackets come in a range of sizes and for both men and women and we have included in the range those with either a Gore-Tex membrane or with a quality equivalent one that is waterproof and breathable, giving you the same benefits without the brand name. 

If you need advice about which shooting jacket is best suited to your needs and activities then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team on 01620 480481 or email us using info@ardmoor.co.uk

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