Harkila Hats & Caps

Harkila hats and caps are essential for field sports as not only do they protect from the rain and sun, they can help to keep you camouflaged and remain unseen. Whether you’re looking for a hat or cap for an arduous day stalking, a day at the peg or beating, Harkila has a fantastic range of hats and caps to suit.

Harkila takes full advantage of a range of different of material technologies during the creation and design of its products. You will find everything from Windstopper and Gore-Tex hats to waxed cotton canvas hats in our Harkila hats range.

Harkila Caps are designed for field sport enthusiasts and come in a range of sizes for both men and women in a variety of styles. Explore our great Harkila headwear collection ranging from the beanie to the traditional flat cap and onto safety caps and wide brimmed hats.

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