Established in 1976, Laksen has developed into a leading source of great country clothing. Ladies or gentlemen, whether interested in shooting, stalking or who simply just love stylish country clothing, Laksen’s range of high quality country clothing and footwear will mean there is something for you from which to choose. Contemporary, practical designs, well manufactured with all the features you would need or expect.

Originating in Denmark, the Laksen brand has grown its reputation and built firm foundations in the country sport industry for its high quality shooting clothing and footwear. This Scandinavian brand’s shooting clothing and footwear has been specifically designed for passionate country sport enthusiasts of all varieties – whether you love a day at the peg or an arduous stalk, you’re sure to find Laksen clothing to suit. Taking special care during the design process and testing products in the field, Laksen footwear and clothing is made with a no-comprise approach to quality. With expert knowledge in the field of shooting, Laksen is able to innovate with its product designs to provide guns exactly what they need from their shooting clothing.

Laksen take special care in selecting the materials to use during product design. You will find the term CTX™ membrane used when describing Laksen clothing – this symbolises Comfort, Technology and Xtreme (CTX). Made to be watertight, breathable and produce very little noise, the CTX membrane provides 100% protection from the elements and was designed specifically for shooting and stalking sports clothing. The quick-wicking membrane ensures that, as you perspire during an arduous day of country sport, your skin remains comfortable and dry. We take pride in offering a wide range of Laksen clothing and footwear and hope you find everything you require for your next day of country sport.

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