Laksen Accessories

We offer a wide range of Laksen gloves, caps, hats, scarves and ties designed for country sport enthusiasts. Laksen originated in Scandinavia as a brand dedicated to providing high quality shooting clothing in Denmark. Now the Laksen name is becoming well-known all over the world. Alongside the wide range of shooting clothing, Laksen offer a great range of shooting accessories for men and women. Laksen gloves are designed to keep the hands warm and dry for fast and accurate reactions when shooting, while a neat Laksen cap or hat is essential for protecting your eyes and face from the elements.

All the Laksen accessories on offer have been designed with country sport in mind, so whether you are a beater looking for a neck buff to keep you warm or a gun looking for a traditional pair of shooting socks with matching garters, you can be you will find it in our collection of Laksen clothing accessories.

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