Masta offers an excellent selection of horse boots, horse rugs and rug accessories for your horse, pony or cob.

Whether you are looking for fetlock, brushing, over-reach or medicine boots, we offer a selection of colours for competition and casual riding.

Masta are perhaps most well-known for their rugs and, at ArdMoor, we carry a selection of turnout, fleece, stable and lycra rugs to keep your horse happy and comfortable in all weather conditions and seasons. There are fleece base layers and hoods which are perfect for travelling, stabling and competitions, turnout rugs which are waterproof and neck liners for added warmth in cold weather. 

As well as rugs and horse boots, we also offer a selection of rug accessories from Masta, with chest expanders, surcingle sets, rug strap buckles, quick clips and shoulder vests to prevent irritation or rubbing.

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