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Men’s sunglasses for outdoor and casual wear in a variety of designs and we offer a fine range of the most popular sunglasses for men from top fishing and sailing brands including Snowbee and Gill. Offering full UV protection and polarised lenses for glare free vision, these sunglasses for men are ideal for a variety of activities including sailing, driving or simply for wearing casually around town. The specialist materials used during the creation of our men’s sun glasses ensure that should the worst happen and you lose your sunglasses overboard when sailing, they will float on the water making them easy to retrieve.

Additionally, the Oleophobic technology applied to the inside of the lens repels suntan lotion, fingerprints and oils, providing you with clean and clear line of vision. The men’s sports sunglasses look great and each come in a variety of colours, click through on the design you like and see the full range of colours for that particular design of men’s sunglasses.

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