Men's Wellington Boots

Men’s wellingtons perfect for fishing, shooting, working outdoors, a walk through the country or just a casual day around town. Offering protection from the elements with neoprene, leather and fleece lining, wellingtons offer something that other footwear simply cannot.

Pick from a selection of men’s wellingtons which come in various shapes, sizes and styles from leading brands such as Harkila, Grubs and Seeland. It’s important to know what you want from your wellies – are you looking for a set of men’s insulated wellies for the winter, a stylish set of leather or leather lined wellies for shooting or a set of safety wellingtons for work on the farm.

Here at ArdMoor we have it all so shop with confidence that our wellies are hand-picked for maximum style, comfort and durability.

What are leather-lined wellington boots? Leather-lined wellies are designed for those who require work hard days on the field. With full luxury leather lining, you can expect these wellies to be comfortable, warm and most importantly withstand the arduous test that your feet ensure in damp, muddy testing conditions. These differ from full Leather wellies as standard leather-lined wellingtons feature a rubber outer shell.

When would you want to slip your feet into insulated and fleece lined wellies? It’s obvious from the name of these boots that you wouldn’t expect to pop these wellies on your feet during the heights of the summer heat; however when winter rolls fleece-lined wellies come up trumps. With warm and cosy inners these wellies are ideal for anyone facing cold conditions on a day to day basis – from gamekeepers to dog walkers the snow or cold needn’t faze you with some insulated fleece lined wellies.

Neoprene-lined wellies are the highly proficient in retaining heat while providing breathability. Neoprene lining varies in depth and you can expect a cold weather rating down to -5 degrees for a 5mm – ideal for rough shooting, game keeping or work on the field.

Work wellingtons or safety wellingtons feature steel toecaps to protect your feet as you work on the field, garden or on the estate. Built to cope with the rigours of country work, some of the safety wellies also feature shock absorbing heels to ensure comfort all day long. Farmers or those working in wet, muddy and grubby conditions with the danger of damaging your feet due to heavy object should consider steel toe safety wellies for that extra bit of protection and reassurance.

Need some help picking your wellies? Don’t be afraid to give us a call or alternatively check out our wellies guide for a little more information. If you love all things outdoor, browse ArdMoor’s blog for expert articles, advice and guides covering a range of country sports.

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