Orca Bay

Orca Bay specialise in the creation of hand-stitched deck shoes, loafers, country shoes and boots and even slippers. Going to great lengths to source only the highest quality materials and components, Orca Bay ensure that no matter your choice of footwear, you are slipping your feet into the finest footwear on the market.

Orca Bay’s process of designing its shoes and boots is a lengthy process, however they take great satisfaction with the increasing number of satisfied customers who all walk away with happy feet.

Our collection of Orca Bay shoes and boots includes hand-finished deck shoes with non-marking and non-slip razor-cut soles, comfy loafers in an array of colours and all of Orca Bay’s new range for men & women. We also carry a range of elegant and supremely comfortable Orca Bay country boots designed with tough leather that will last for seasons to come and an expansive range of cushioned loafers in a variety of colours.

The ArdMoor team is proud to offer the complete range of Orca Bay shoes, boots and loafers in multiple sizes, colours and styles for both men and women.

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