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Remembering to pack and wear your favourite fishing cap or hat will ensure you are kept comfortable and protected throughout your day out on the river. Snowbee has a range of fisherman’s hats that include flat caps, wide brim hats for extra sun protection and fleece head-over, which can be worn on your head or around your neck on cold winter days. Whether it is rain or sunshine you need protected from there is a Snowbee Cap or Snowbee Hat to suit.

Snowbee’s neoprene fishing socks are 100% waterproof and are a popular choice for anglers of all disciplines. Don’t be caught out by that rogue wave, keep your feet dry all day round with your Snowbee fishing socks.

Neoprene fishing gloves are highly waterproof and provide excellent grip even when wet to ensure your prize catch doesn’t get away. You won’t lose that crucial line sensitivity either, fingerless Snowbee fishing gloves are a fantastic piece of fishing clothing that allow extra dexterity and flexibility all while maintaining good grip of your fishing rod.

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