Mediumweight Turnout Rugs

Mediumweight Turnout Rugs will keep your horse warm, comfortable and dry when turned out in cooler temperatures making the mediumweight turnout rug the perfect addition to your horse rug collection.

Ideal for spring, cooler summer and even milder winter weather, the mediumweight turnout rug is perfect for using across all seasons to ensure your horse can happily graze in all weather. Especially if your horse is competing, clipped, young or elderly, a turnout rug will keep them from becoming wet, cold and uncomfortable.

Part of the ArdMoor horse rug collection, we hand select each rug from trusted brands such as WeatherBeeta, Mark Todd and Saxon to ensure each rug is of the highest quality and perfect for your horse.

For milder weather, we also have breathable lightweight turnout rugs, or for the coldest temperatures a luxury range of cosy heavyweight turnout rugs. To fully complete your horse’s wardrobe, we also stock cooling sheets, fleeces and liners, exercise rugs and heavyweight stable rugs, mediumweight stable rugs and lightweight stable rugs all of which are durable and long-lasting.

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