Spring Lambing Clothing

The spring months mean the arrival of new lambs across the country-side, and ArdMoor team member Abie was helping on her family farm during one of the busiest times of the year. With spring weather famously unpredictable, she made sure to stock up on lambing clothing which would be able to see her through rain and shine.

For durable working clothing, Hoggs of Fife makes really hard-wearing and comfortable work-wear which gives really good value. I picked up the Beth and Ally ladies shirts as they’re made from brushed cotton which kept me cosy on cooler mornings and didn’t become uncomfortably warm when I was carrying lots of lambs to new pens with mothers following close behind. The dark colours also helps hide the inevitable covering of iodine, and they wash really well.

A waterproof jacket is a farming essential

When you’re outside in all weather conditions you need a jacket to keep you warm and dry. My favourite farm jacket is a Hoggs of Fife Ghillie Padded Waterproof Fleece Jacket which kept me lovely and warm in the lambing shed. Even though we had a luckily sunny and warm lambing time, this fleece jacket has a windproof and waterproof membrane which keeps water out of the fleece but let’s any perspiration escape. This meant I wasn’t too hot in the mild weather, but knew I had rain protection if I needed it.

This was the perfect outdoor jacket for farm work. With lots of pockets (including a zipped chest ‘Napoleon’ pocket) which was perfect to keep my supply of lambing gloves clean & tucked away. I also had my phone zipped inside the jacket; I have lost phones to water buckets before, so there was no danger of having to replace my phone this year!

As it is a men’s jacket even though I’m quite tall it was long enough on the back that I didn’t have a gap between my waterproof trousers and jacket at any point including when I was bending over sheep and lambs. The quilted padding inside the jacket also helped to keep me warm as I particularly feel the cold. I was kept cosy while in the lambing shed & escorting the new mothers and their lambs to fields for grass.

Tough waterproof trousers

To keep you dry and clean from water and other stains in the lambing shed a pair of waterproof trousers are perfect for wearing over your wellies. Although there was a huge choice, I decided to opt for the Hoggs of Fife Flexothane Trousers as I didn’t need pockets and the material wipes clean and resistant to a whole range of diesels, greases and oils. I went for a small as they’re quite a generous unisex fit, and they easily fitted over my leggings with plenty of room for climbing over gates and scrambling to catch up with bouncing lambs.

Layering up

For easy layering I had my Harkila Sandhem Lady Fleece Waistcoat on every day, although luckily it was so sunny that most afternoons I only needed the gilet rather than the Hoggs of Fife Ghillie Jacket on top. Extra long on the back with Polar-tec fleece which is water resistant, warm and breathable so I had an insulating under-layer. I’ve already reviewed the Harkila Sandhem previously and it is still one of my favourite items in my wardrobe.

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