Childrens Country Clothing Guide

Children’s country clothing clothing has to be durable, weatherproof and easily cleaned – tough requirements to say the least. There is no getting away from it, your children will run through the long grass, play rough and tumble on the muddy terrain and jump and splash in puddles. We all love to see our children having fun; if they are happy and having a good time, chances are you will be too.

Keep your children warm, protected from the weather and smiling with these five examples of children’s country clothing we have handpicked at ArdMoor for happy and fun days out in the country…

Protection from the wet and windy weather

If your child loves the outdoors, even when the rain is coming down thick and fast, keep them warm and dry with the Seeland Excur 70% Kids Camouflage Jacket. Not only does the jacket have a plethora of pockets for stowing outdoor finds, gloves and other necessities but it is also Hi-Viz to ensure your child is kept safe when playing in the dark.

Trousers that withstand trials of child’s play

Children’s trousers really do get put to the test; that’s why it’s important to find a set of trousers that are warm, water-resistant and hardwearing yet comfortable. The Kids Seeland Eton Shooting trousers match the jacket above for an outfit made for a day of outdoor fun! With Velcro ankle closures, high backs and articulated knees, these trousers are designed for country activities.

Children’s puddle splashing footwear

You know rainy weather will arrive at some point, and when it does you want your kids feet to stay warm and dry. Plain and simple, dry feet = happy feet. The Grubs Treeline 8.5 Wellington Boots are perfect for cold, wet days. With a Vibram outsole and a Highloft Sole™ liner for the ultimate in comfort and warmth, these children’s wellies offer exceptional value and are designed to be long-lasting too.

A durable jumper for the adventurous child

50% wool and- 50% acrylic, the Seeland Clent Kids Pullover is ideal for your little adventurer. Real leather trim featured on the shoulders and leather reinforcements on the elbows make for a resilient children’s country jumper. Layering with such a warm jumper allows kids to adjust should the weather take a turn for the best without having to come inside.

Layers, layers, layers – start with a warm shirt

It’s a basic concept, but layering is important. Starting with a warm 100% cotton shirt can make all the difference. The Children’s Seeland Kids Parkin Shirt features a neat design and is machine washable. Dress your child in this shirt for practical layering and traditional country appearance.

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