Harkila & GoreTex Clothing

Harkila makes their rule on quality quite clear – no compromise. The Harkila clothing and Harkila footwear range is widely considered as leading its class, with Harkila taking pride in the fact that renowned materials like W.L Gore’s Gore-Tex® fabric are used in the creation of their products.

The Gore-Tex® membrane created by Wilbert L. Gore and his son Robert W. Gore is a hugely influential part of the Harkila product range. The membrane is unique in the way that it allows vapor to be released but no water through its outer layer, which is perfect for tough hunting and stalking conditions in which the Harkila clothing range is widely put to the test.

Harkila and Gore-Tex® Testing

Harkila looks to enhance the shooting experience by selecting only the best materials in their products. Each piece of Harkila clothing and footwear is put through vigorous testing both in the field and in Gore’s specially designed testing laboratories. The Harkila garments are tested against, wind, rain, temperature before a live test in the field by shooting experts.

At ArdMoor we’ve carefully picked clothing from the Harkila Gore-Tex® range for their durability, waterproof quality and lightness of weight. In our experience, these qualities all add up to a comfortable and enjoyable day out – helping us to keep dry and agile while on the move. Our guide to our recommended Harkila products below explains why we’ve picked each piece of kit.

Harkila Gore-Tex® Jackets

Harkila Gore-Tex® Jackets are designed to be ultra silent so that you can get as close as possible to your quarry without being noticed. Harkila offer a mix of all-round Gore-Tex® shooting jackets and revolutionary Gore-Tex® camo jackets designed for hunting and stalking

Harkila Gore-Tex® Trousers

Picking the right type of trousers can be difficult. If you are buying a jacket, it’s a great option to buy the matching trousers for a consistent design. The light weight Gore-Tex® fabric gives a high freedom of movement and if you are crawling through the long grass your trousers will protect you from the elements – letting you focus on the shooting.

Harkila Gore-Tex® Accessories

Gloves not only help to protect you from the elements but give you clean and solid grip with your weapon. With various patterns being available you can create the ultimate hunting or stalking suit when combined with the right trousers and jacket.

You can also get a range of other Harkila accessories that feature the Gore-Tex® fabric such as Hats, facecovers and footwear. Want to see how the Harkila use Gore-Tex in layering in their footwear? Check out the Harkila Gore-Tex® Footwear guide.

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