Harkila & GoreTex Footwear

In all outdoor activities it’s important to have the right footwear not only for comfort, but also for the enjoyment of the activity. There are several types of boots, shoes and wellies to pick and choose from and they are all made from different materials. One of the materials used in Harkila’s footwear range is Gore-Tex®.

For those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to experience Gore-Tex®, it is a high performance membrane that provides breathability alongside waterproofing when used in garments or footwear.

The breathable Gore-Tex® membrane plays an important role in keeping your feet comfortable and dry. Similar to Harkila’s clothing range, the footwear is subject to rigorous testing, in which they test everything from the durability and flex of the water to its waterproofing and breathability. Not only are the Gore-Tex® boots put through testing in laboratories but they are also tested in the field before being put to market.

There are three kinds of Harkila Gore-Tex® boot available, each suited to a different environment and activity.

Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort Boots By Harkila

This membrane is specially designed for spring and summer outdoor activities. Hunting or hiking in the heat can make your feet very hot, and this Gore-Tex® membrane boasts the highest breathability of all Gore-Tex® membranes.

Gore-Tex® Performance Boots By Harkila

This Gore-Tex® membrane is the all year round versatile option. You can find this membrane in all-season Harkila hunting boots. Not only does the Performance Gore-Tex® membrane boot give an ideal amount of protection and breathability in the summer heat, but it also gives you enough protection from a winter chill.

Gore-Tex® Insulated Boots By Harkila

If you are high in the mountains or trudging through snow in the winter, Harkila’s Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort Boot provides the highest levels of insulation among the Harkila footwear range. Sub-zero temperature tested – enjoy your winter hunting with warmer feet.

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