Luise Janniche

Luise Janniche has a great work/life ethic, diligently combining her love of the Scottish countryside, her family and her dogs whilst running Tuffies – her unique dog bed making business based in Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

Name: Luise Janniche
Job title: Director & Founder at Tuffies
Location: Turriff, Aberdeenshire
Background: Passionate about Tuffies and her life in the great Scottish outdoors
Hobbies: Ethical hunting

Tuffies started life in Luise’s cottage in rural Aberdeenshire in 2000. Unable to find tough-yet-cosy dog beds for her beloved German Pointers, and with her talents honed from mending and altering horse rugs in her spare time, Luise decided to start designing her own dog beds that would solve this problem once & for all.

Word soon spread, first by mouth and then via the internet. Twenty years later Tuffies now operates from a large, purpose-built workshop, situated conveniently close to her home in rural Turriff. With an ever-expanding team of skilled dog bed makers, it has become an amazingly positive rural business with a range that caters to dogs of every size, shape and breed that’s sold all over the UK and beyond.

In her spare time, Luise loves nothing more than taking her three gorgeous German Wirehaired Pointers out on the moors to count breeding pairs of grouse in the spring and their resulting broods in the summer, training her dogs and getting them (and herself!) fit for the season ahead. All of her dogs are trained for her love of ethical field sports – Luise insists on dressing and eating everything she hunts. For many this has become a forgotten part of hunting and it is very much a mission for Luise that everyone should only shoot what they can use themselves or give to friends. After all, if you are not going to eat it, why shoot it?

ArdMoor are very excited about working in partnership with Luise and her German Pointers through the seasons – and of course to treating our dogs to their very own Tuffies beds!