How to keep midges away this summer with midge nets and midge repellent

How to keep midges away this summer

Chris Jones
How to repel midges Summer is a time for long days, short sleeves, picnics, camping and generally enjoying the Great British countryside. However, ...
How to deal with ticks

How to deal with ticks

ArdMoor Team
As we have warmer winters and more humid weather, ticks are thriving. As they thrive, so the instances of tick borne disease increases; first and f...
Art to layering | clothing guide blog | ArdMoor

The Art of Layering

ArdMoor Team
Most clothing doesn't provide heat, but it does allow your body to retain the warmth it produces or help you get rid of it quickly. A good layering...
Hoggs of Fife Boot, Shoe and Welly Care Guide | ArdMoor

Hoggs of Fife Boot, Shoe and Welly Care Guide

ArdMoor Team
Hoggs of Fife have been making country footwear for over 130 years and during this time have built a fine reputation for producing high-quality, ha...
How to Clean Leather & Suede Boots & Wellies | ArdMoor

How to care for your new Leather Boots & Wellies

Chris Jones
Prolong the life of your boots and shoes with the ArdMoor footwear care guide Whatever materials your new shoes or boots are made from, you can si...
Ridgeline Clothing Waterproof Cleaning Care Guide | ArdMoor

Ridgeline Waterproof Cleaning Care Guide

Chris Jones
Taking care of the Ridgeline clothing range Keeping your shooting kit clean is essential to avoid a deterioration in its performance. Most modern c...
What's the best Leatherman multi-tool for you | Leatherman UK

A toolbox in your pocket - What's the best Leatherman Multi Tool for you

Chris Jones
The temptation to upgrade my long lost boyhood Swiss army knife has become too great… it’s time for a Leatherman Multi-tool There’s not a day goes ...
Best Base Layers & Thermals for Beating the Cold | Blog | ArdMoor

Best Base Layers for beating the cold 2023-24

Chris Jones
Keep warm this winter with the best base layers When it comes to keeping warm, it’s all about layering. And, according to many, the most important ...
Blundstone boots cleaning guide

How to Clean Your Blundstone Boots

Chris Jones
Make your Blundstones last a lifetime Whichever pair of Blundstone boots you own, you’ll be wearing footwear that is designed to last. However, lik...
How to train a gun dog

How to Train a Gundog

Caroline Campbell
Some words of advice from our resident expert Alistair Mackay of Branxholme Gun Dogs on how to train your gundog. So, the newly purchased hound sit...
Lifesystems Mosquito, Midge & Tick Repellent

How to Pick the Right Insect Repellent

Chris Jones
What's the best repellent to use? Long sunny days and warm nights – a brilliant combination that gets everyone in the mood for holidays and adventu...
The best ear protection

Essential hearing protection to help prevent tinnitus and hearing loss

Angus Denison-Pender
Help prevent hearing loss and tinnitus with ear defenders Tinnitus is a problem that affects around 7 million people in the UK, with many of those ...
Lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers

Be prepared with lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers

ArdMoor Team
Be prepared with a lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers so you can make the most of the UK's unpredictable weather conditions.
short leg outdoor trousers

Our Top Mens Short Leg Trousers

ArdMoor Team
Are you looking for a pair of outdoor trousers to fit a men's 29" inside leg? Whether you are looking for trousers to shoot, walk or explore, at Ar...
Gaiters - Features & Types

Gaiters - Top features & types to look for

ArdMoor Team
Gaiters are the ideal accessory to protect your boots and lower legs from the undergrowth thorns mud and snow from entering the top of the boot for...
How to breast a pheasant

How to Breast a Pheasant

ArdMoor Team
Breasting a pheasant is quick, clean, and easy to learn – let us show you how. With the rising popularity of shoots, pheasant is usually in plentif...