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What's the best repellent to use?

Long sunny days and warm nights – a brilliant combination that gets everyone in the mood for holidays and adventure.

Whether here in the UK or somewhere abroad, summer holidays are a time for soaking up the views, kicking back and having fun. But, as anyone who has visited the West Coast of Scotland in the summer will tell you, midges, mozzies and ticks are no joke.

Summertime may be the time for mosquitoes, midges and ticks to thrive, but this shouldn’t put you off venturing out when these pests are at their most voracious.

Lifesystems  has a brilliant range of repellents for mosquitoes, midges and ticks. Plus tools and nets to help protect you against the scourge of summer.

Here’s a quick guide as to which repellent is right for you, dependent on where you are heading this summer:

Holidaying in the UK

This poses a low risk of insect-borne disease. If you are camping, mountain biking, canoeing or walking through the UK’s magnificent landscapes, the risk of mosquito bite is low. However, depending on where you go, midges and ticks can be very common. Lifesystems recommends using the Midge Deet-Free Repellent or Tick Repellent, although any of their repellents would work just as well. Both these products are well suited to sensitive skin contain Saltidin® which can be applied multiple times by all the family, including children 2 and over.

Lifesystems Mosquito, Midge & Tick Repellent

European Excursion

This can mean there is a medium risk of insect-borne diseases. Mosquitoes are fairly common in many well-known European holiday destinations, but there is a low risk of catching malaria. However, bites and stings can still be incredibly itchy and leave you feeling restless and uncomfortable.

To keep your holiday mosquito-free, Lifesystems recommends choosing a repellent with DEET, a chemical that is proven to be the most effective repellent against biting insects. Best for this job would be the Expedition 50 PRO Repellent which contains 50% DEET along with a bite inhibitor.

It can be applied plenty of times throughout the day or night and can be used on large areas of skin, meaning you can pack your shorts with confidence!

Tropical Trips

This poses a high risk of insect-borne diseases if biting by a mosquito or similar. If you’re heading off to more tropical climes, then Expedition MAX is the best choice. Mosquito bites in tropical areas can carry a greater risk of diseases such as malaria, so opting for a 24-hour protection repellent is a must. Expedition MAX contains 50% DEET, known for its mosquito protection, plus DermoLOC formula which reduces the amount of DEET is absorbed by the skin, meaning you can apply it to more of the skin’s surface. This special formula means it can be used by the whole family, including children 2 years and over.

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