The emotional roller coaster of dog ownership

The emotional roller coaster of dog ownership

Chris Jones
Ethical hunter and founder of Tuffies Dog Beds Luise Janniche reflects on the loss of two of her dogs, the training of a puppy and how this year’s ...
A fantastic summer helping a wader

A Fantastic Summer Helping a Wader

ArdMoor Team
This year’s season of shooting grouse over my pointers was much better than it has been for 3-4 years. Starting off with brood counting in July, it...
Harkila Orton Packable Jacket Review

Harkila's Orton Packable Jacket - Our expert's review

ArdMoor Team
When friends go shooting together, many subjects are discussed over the day. The subjects range from the condition of the birds, the shooting, the ...
Understanding grouse moors

Understanding Grouse Moors

ArdMoor Team
There is a lot of emotional debate about grouse shooting at the moment. Indeed there is more than ever. As I work my pointers on Scottish grouse mo...
Luise Counting Grouse

Counting Grouse in the Spring

ArdMoor Team
Luise Janniche and her three pointers have been out on the hill a number of times this week to help some of her local estates with their spring gro...