What to Wear For Clay Shooting | ArdMoor

What should you wear when clay shooting?

Chris Jones
Although there is no official dress code for clay shoots, it’s important that you are comfortable in order to shoot your best. For clay shooting, t...
Hoggs of Fife Boot, Shoe and Welly Care Guide | ArdMoor

Hoggs of Fife Boot, Shoe and Welly Care Guide

ArdMoor Team
Hoggs of Fife have been making country footwear for over 130 years and during this time have built a fine reputation for producing high-quality, ha...
Seeland Avail Aya Insulated Jacket

Great Winter Jackets for Women

Chris Jones
Good Quality Coats for Women Who Work Outdoors The Shooting Times knows a thing or two about outdoor clothing, so it was great to read Megan Lock’s...
Ridgeline Clothing Waterproof Cleaning Care Guide | ArdMoor

Ridgeline Waterproof Cleaning Care Guide

Chris Jones
Taking care of the Ridgeline clothing range Keeping your shooting kit clean is essential to avoid a deterioration in its performance. Most modern c...
Scottish Wildlife Photographer Neil McIntyre

Harkila – “The best outdoor clothing for wildlife photographers”

Chris Jones
Wildlife Photographer Neil McIntyre's perspective on how perfect Harkila Clothing is for someone in his profession... You’d be right in thinking th...
Best Base Layers & Thermals for Beating the Cold | Blog | ArdMoor

Best Base Layers for beating the cold 2023-24

Chris Jones
Keep warm this winter with the best base layers When it comes to keeping warm, it’s all about layering. And, according to many, the most important ...
Work From Home Heated Gilets and Jackets | Blog | ArdMoor

Turn up the Heat & turn down the heating with a heated jacket

Chris Jones
Working from home? Warm the body, not the home this winter As more and more people are working from home nowadays, heating bills are rising as more...
How to use your Deerhunter Heat Waistcoats & Jackets | ArdMoor | Blog

How to use your Deerhunter Heat jacket, gilet & trousers

Chris Jones
With any new technology, it's always advisable to check the instructions before use. Here's a quick guide from Deerhunter on how to use the Deerhun...
Hoggs of Fife Trousers - What Fit are Hoggs Trousers? | Blog | Ardmoor

What Fit are Hoggs of Fife Trousers?

Chris Jones
Although changing tastes may have altered the size, shape and fit of your favourite trousers over the years, Hoggs of Fife has done its best to mak...
Hoggs of Fife 135 years Anniversary | Country Clothing | ArdMoor

Hoggs of Fife celebrates 135th Anniversary

Chris Jones
Decades of Brilliant Boots & Country Classics This year sees the 135th anniversary of one of Scotland’s most enduring companies. The company no...
Blog | Getting into beating

Beating Guide – How to become a Beater

Chris Jones
Many of us enjoy a day’s shooting, and no matter whether you are a gun, beater or gamekeeper, everyone has an important role to play and by working...
Blundstone boots cleaning guide

How to Clean Your Blundstone Boots

Chris Jones
Make your Blundstones last a lifetime Whichever pair of Blundstone boots you own, you’ll be wearing footwear that is designed to last. However, lik...
History of Swanndri | Swanndri from New Zealand to the UK

Swanndri - From ugly duckling to a beautiful 'Swanni'

Chris Jones
Swanndri was born in 1923 when, two days before Christmas, William Broome, of Taranaki, New Zealand, patented the first ‘Swanni’, a short sleeve wo...
The best ear protection

Essential hearing protection to help prevent tinnitus and hearing loss

Angus Denison-Pender
Help prevent hearing loss and tinnitus with ear defenders Tinnitus is a problem that affects around 7 million people in the UK, with many of those ...
Lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers

Be prepared with lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers

ArdMoor Team
Be prepared with a lightweight waterproof jacket and trousers so you can make the most of the UK's unpredictable weather conditions.
short leg outdoor trousers

Our Top Mens Short Leg Trousers

ArdMoor Team
Are you looking for a pair of outdoor trousers to fit a men's 29" inside leg? Whether you are looking for trousers to shoot, walk or explore, at Ar...