Seeland Avail Aya Insulated Jacket

Good Quality Coats for Women Who Work Outdoors

The Shooting Times knows a thing or two about outdoor clothing, so it was great to read Megan Lock’s feature in the November issue about some of the best jackets for women who work outdoors, shoot or stalk.

Megan, who is a Farmland Biodiversity Adviser at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) and knows all to well the importance of a good, waterproof jacket, tested a few of the latest women’s coats on the market, designed especially for those who shoot or work outdoors in all weathers.

Amongst them were the Seeland Avail Aya Insulated Jacket and the Ridgeline Rhea Jacket, two of our favourites at ArdMoor.

Seeland Avail Aya Jacket | ArdMoor

Seeland Avail Aya Insulated Jacket - £194.95

Of the Seeland Avail Aya Insulated Jacket, Megan found this to be a sleek, silent and high-quality. “The jacket is very warm, windproof, waterproof and comfortable to wear,” said Megan. She also thought it was a good price for a technical jacket, and more suited to stalking than on-the-peg shooting and featured an anti-soak lining to prevent moisture absorption in heavy rain.

Ridgeline Rhea Jacket | ArdMoor

In the feature, Megan revealed that it was the first time she had worn a Ridgeline jacket but was pleased by its performance. “The Rhea is waterproof, windproof and breathable,” said Megan. She added that the jacket tackled the elements well and was very comfortable and allow for ease of movement. Some of Megan’s positives for the coat were that it is quiet when moving and lightweight, perfect for stalking, and although it doesn’t have a tailored fit, it was comfortable.

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